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Date: Jun 10, 2010


Hi Dr. Z- I have another question on " Breast biopsy Devices" This device is called the " Achieve Automated Firing Breast Biopsy device" I checked the website this is the information I found " The Achieve® biopsy system from CareFusion gives you the precise control and quality sampling capability you need when working with calcified or fibrous lesions. This lightweight automated system offers spring-loaded action for fast, accurate penetration of dense tissue. It is also available with a coaxial introducer for multiple sampling from one percutaneous puncture with minimal damage to surrounding tissue. Ideal for liver, kidney, thyroid and breast biopsy procedures. The system has two programmable firing modes: in automatic mode, the cannula and stylet release in rapid sequence to capture the specimen with the push of a button. In delay mode, the stylet releases first to allow time for tissue to settle in the sample notch; the clinician then verifies and documents the stylet position, repositions if necessary and activates the cutting cannula. Do I report with CPT 19102 or CPT 19103? Please advice Thank you

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