Anatomy Charts

ZHealth Publishing’s Anatomy Charts, individually laminated, consist of the most useful and informative anatomical illustrations from Dr. Z’s Medical Coding Series. These color illustrations cover interventional radiology, cardiology, and endovascular surgery codes and procedures. These anatomy charts are extremely helpful for both coders and coding educators.

Specifically, ZHealth Publishing’s Anatomy Charts are beneficial for selecting appropriate catheter placement codes and in examining aberrant anatomy to assist in accurate coding. These charts cover the important areas related to IR and cardiology coding. They are also great for internal coding and billing educational sessions.

This set of thirty-four medical coding illustrations will make any coder’s job easier. See the complete list of coding charts. Reduce coding and billing errors with these clear illustrations taken directly from Dr. Z’s medical coding books. Order your set of anatomy charts today!

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Anatomy Chart Features:

  • 34 anatomical, color illustrations from Dr. Z’s Medical Coding Series
  • 8.5 x 11 inch durable laminates
  • An absolute necessity for selective catheter placement coding (color coded)
  • Great to use for internal coding and billing educational sessions
  • Volume discounts available