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ZHealth provides consulting services for CPT coding in the complex fields of cardiology, electrophysiology,
interventional radiology
, and vascular surgery. Our physicians and trained consultants possess an expertise
that is unparalleled in the field, providing coding education, audits, and outsourced coding options to
hospitals and physician practices. They are expert coders, renowned public speakers, and educators who
have performed these procedures countless times over the course of their careers.

Our doctors write the ZHealth Publishing books. They provide the same relevant coding education to coders
and other medical professionals, as well as peer-to-peer education and documentation improvement with your
physicians. ZHealth Consulting’s comprehensive education options are fully customizable.

Outsource your coding with confidence to Dr. Zielske and his team of physician coders.

To learn more, please visit our website or contact Brian Church at ZHealth Consulting.
Phone: 615-714-2371 Email:

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