Consulting Services

We are going to start doing peripheral studies in our catheterization lab and would like some help setting up our chargemaster. Do you do that?

Yes, we have specialized consulting staff that can provide this service. Please contact Brian Church at (615) 714-2371 or for more information.

We occasionally have a difficult case that we would like assistance with coding. Do you have a service where we can send in individual cases?

Yes, we can code individual cases. However, since we provide volume discounting, we recommend submitting more than one or two cases.

We have a large group of individuals who need education, but we can’t send them all to one of your quarterly seminars. Are there any other options for group training?

We have two options: on-site education or webinars.

With the former, one of our physicians comes on-site and provides education tailored to your specific needs. You determine the content, the number of education sessions, and who will attend. It is billed at a per day fee. Please contact Brian Church at (615) 714-2371 or for on-site educational services for your facility.

If you are willing to participate in a longer learning process, the webinars are a great option. Our webinars are available for viewing by groups and the CEU exams are discounted per person. It is the most cost-effective option of our educational offerings.

How much do your consulting/auditing services cost?

Please contact Brian Church to discuss pricing. Phone: (615) 714-2371 Email:

Does ZHealth Publishing provide medical coding consulting and auditing services directly?

Yes, we do! Please see our ZHealth Consulting website or contact Brian Church for more information. Phone: (615) 714-2371 Email:

What benefit is there to having an audit performed when we can just ask our questions on the ZHealth Publishing website?

We continue to see a greater than 50% error rate on cases audited. This is often due to process issues that go undetected. In addition, not all questions are answered on the website (about 50%) and what may be the correct codes to assign in one situation may be different in another. Each case should be evaluated individually.

Do the physicians actually come on-site to do the audit?

Yes, the information is sent to the corporate office in Nashville, Tennessee, and then one of the physicians comes on-site to present his findings. Trained non-physician consultants provide on-site consulting services for process improvement.

Do you offer services for other specialties, such as endoscopy, ambulatory surgery, etc.?

Yes, we do provide audits of other specialty areas. Please contact Brian Church at (615) 714-2371 or for more information on our scope of services beyond cardiovascular, endovascular surgery, and interventional radiology.


How can I pay for ZHealth Publishing online medical coding products?
The easiest way is to pay online at time of purchase with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). However, we also accept check, money order, or Purchase Order from a hospital/facility signed by an authorized person.
Why is there an AMA Royalty added to my order?

As the American Medical Assocation owns the copyright for CPT codes, ZHealth Publishing pays a licensing fee to use/reference this material in our products. This is the 'AMA Royalty' charge you see added in your cart.

For the 10+ years our books have been in publication, the prices for the Interventional Radiology, Interventional Cardiology, and Vascular/Endovascular Surgery references have remained the same. The new expense is to cover AMA royalties, but the book is still $295.


Why would I order an eBook versus a hardcopy book?

One great reason is the convenience of having the eBook on your desktop or laptop. The hardcopy book weighs in at nearly 6 pounds, which can be cumbersome. Also, the eBook format allows you to find what you’re looking for at the click of the button rather than having to thumb through pages. In addition, you may use the eBook to project any diagrams or parts of the book through your computer, which is great for meetings or coding education. Lastly, it’s available immediately with no shipping costs. Note that the eBook versions are typically available 30 days before the hardcopy versions are printed and shipped each year.

Should you want a printed version, please purchase the hard copy format. The eBooks are not printable at this time.

Is there any difference between the content in the eBook versus the hardcopy version?

No, the content is exactly the same. It's essentially a PDF version of the book.

Can I buy both the eBook and hardcopy versions of any ZHealth Publishing coding book?
Absolutely, and the price is the same for both formats (save eBooks, which have no shipping charges). Also, pricing for a complete set of the 4 coding eBooks and multiple orders of the same eBook are discounted just like the hardcopies. At various times during the year, we may offer time-limited specials if you purchase both versions at the same time.
Can I print my ZHealth Publishing coding eBook?

Due to copyright protection, it is not possible to print eBooks at this time.

When will the new editions of the ZHealth Publishing coding references be available?

Once the new code changes and rules have been released, ZHealth Publishing updates and revises Dr. Z’s Medical Coding Series. We start accepting pre-orders for all upcoming editions starting in November. The eBook versions are typically released 30 days prior to the printed hardcopy versions (usually in December). On average, the hardcopy books start shipping by the second or third week of January.

Can I have my eBook(s) on multiple PCs?

The download link that you receive by email after you purchase your eBook is good for a single activation - it can only be downloaded once, period. If you purchase multiple eBooks, then you will receive multiple single-use download links. Take Note: If you send the link to someone else who then downloads it before you, the link will no longer work for you.

How long does it take to download a ZHealth Publishing eBook?

It depends on your Internet connection speed, but it typically takes just a few minutes.

Do I have to download anything to access the eBook?

Yes. Prior to downloading the eBook you must download/install Adobe Digital Editions (free and easy to download). To install this software click here.

Note: This software is compatible with both Windows and Macs, so be sure to download the appropriate software for your computer system.

I have a Mac and not a PC. Can I still download and use your eBooks?

Yes - our eBooks are now both Mac and PC compatible with the use of Adobe Digital Editions.

What are the steps to purchase and activate one of your eBooks?

1. Visit our website and purchase your eBooks online. Upon purchase, you will receive an email containing instructions and a download link (you will need this for Step 4 below).

2. Open the Adobe Digital Editions application on your device. Please note that you will need to first download/install Adobe Digital Editions (free and easy to download) if you haven't already done so.

3. Click the "Help" option at the top of the screen and select the "Authorize Computer" option.

  • A box will appear on screen. If you have an Adobe ID already, use it to authorize your computer. If not, you may obtain one for free by clicking the "Create an Adobe ID" link.
  • Click "Next" and then "Authorize".

4. Now you are ready to download your eBook. Click the download link at the bottom of your email (in red). If it doesn't automatically open in Adobe Digital Editions upon downloading, simply locate the newly downloaded eBook file on your computer and open it.

Why can I no longer access my old eBooks?

Older versions of our eBooks are no longer supported (2015 and prior) because Secure eBook has closed. Any eBook (2015 and prior versions) not activated or requiring a validation to be opened will not work anymore after March 6, 2017.

Live Seminars

Do the CEUs I receive from this course count toward CIRCC recertification?

All sessions are CIRCC Certified, with the exception of the “Introduction to Vascular Coding” session, as it is an introductory class geared toward beginners. CIRCC CEUs are only for intermediate/expert level courses due to the complexity of the credential.

I’ve heard you take photos and videos at the live seminars. Is that correct?

Yes, that's correct. ZHealth, LLC reserves the right to photograph/record conference activities for use in publications, including electronic publications, audio-visual presentations, promotional literature, advertising, or in other ways. If you'd like to request that your image not be used in such materials, please submit your request in writing via email to Not doing so gives ZHealth, LLC and their legal representatives permission to publish, without charge, imagery that may include you.

It is my understanding that one of the live seminars is videotaped each year to be sold as a video series. Is this correct? Which seminar is it?

Yes, this is correct. Each year we videotape the Las Vegas seminar, which covers the upcoming year's new coding changes/rules. By entering the event premises, you consent to photography, audio recording, video recording, and their release, publication, or reproduction to be used for promotional purposes, advertising, inclusion on websites, and any other purpose by ZHealth, LLC. Images, photos, and/or videos may be used to promote similar ZHealth events in the future. You release ZHealth, its officers and employees, and each and all persons involved from any liability connected with the taking, recording, digitizing, or publication and use of photographs, video, and/or sound recordings. By entering the event premises, you waive all rights you may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with any use, exhibition, streaming, or other publication of these materials. You also waive any right to inspect or approve any photo, video, or audio recording taken by ZHealth or the person or entity designated to do so by ZHealth. You have been fully informed of your consent, waiver of liability, and release before entering the event.

Do you cover ICD-10 at your seminars?

Yes, ICD-10 coding is covered at each of our live seminars. The ICD-10 Coding Seminar provides a detailed introduction to ICD-10-CM coding basics, including hints and tips specific to each chapter. We also discuss the fundamental construction of ICD-10-PCS codes and cover documentation requirements for these highly specific new code sets. The coding examples focus on our specialty areas of cardiovascular, IR, EP, and peripheral procedures performed in the cath lab. A set of ICD-10 Procedural Anatomy Charts with corresponding ICD-10 codes will be provided to all attendees. For more information or to register, please view our individual live seminar pages.

I understand that I will receive my choice of Dr. Z's Medical Coding Series in eBook format. What if I want the hardcopy instead?

You may purchase the hard copy of the book for $195 with your paid registration to the conference.

How do I receive my CEUs?

During the conference you will be given a code word that will allow you to answer a one answer test at the end of the seminar. You will sign into your ZHealth Publishing online account. There you will find the "test" that will allow you to print off your certificate. These certificates will be housed in your account so you may access them anytime you may need to have them.

I notice that you can cancel within four weeks of the seminar and receive a full refund. What if I am not able to make the seminar because of an emergency? Will I still get a refund?

No, you will not receive a refund, but you may attend a future conference within a year without any additional charge. You also have the option of letting someone take your place. Your enrollment is fully transferable to another individual.

If I eat lunch on my own instead of with the class, can I get a refund of a portion of my fee?
No, lunches for all class members are arranged and paid in advance of the seminar.
I have special dietary requirements. Do the lunches provided accommodate different types of diets?

There are usually several entrée options for lunch. The hotels have a full service restaurant, and there is enough time to go to the restaurant if your dietary needs are not met with the included lunch.

I have to check out of my room before the end of the session. Can I bring my luggage to class with me?
Yes, there is usually sufficient space at the back of the room to keep your luggage until it is time for you to go.
What meals are included?
A continental breakfast and a full lunch are provided each day. Dinners are not included.
There are no rooms available at the hotel where the seminar is being held. What should I do?

Call us at 615-873-1111 (9:00a-4:30p Central Time Mon-Fri) for an alternate hotel. There is usually another hotel available within walking distance. We recommend that everyone sign up as soon as possible to avoid this situation.

I am hearing impaired. Is translation into sign language available?

We are not equipped to provide sign language at our conferences, however we do have some options for those who may be hearing impaired. Please call us at 615-873-1111 (9:00a-4:30pCentral Time Mon-Fri) to discuss options for accommodating your needs.

Are the seminars for hospital billing or physician billing?
They are for both professional and technical billing. In the rare occasion that there is a difference between the coding for the two, the difference is identified.
I want to take the CIRCC exam. Is this seminar sufficient to prepare me for the exam?

All topics covered in the CIRCC exam are included in the ZHealth Publishing seminars. We cannot guarantee you will pass the CIRCC exam after attending the seminar, as it will depend on your basic understanding of the concepts and how well you retain the information discussed. Everyone has a different learning curve. The AAPC also requires evidence of at least two (2) years of experience charging or coding of the specialty in order to qualify for the CIRCC certification.

My hospital will not pay for education courses that involve air travel and hotel stays. Do you provide a discount to people that have to pay for the course themselves?

No, we do not provide discounts for this. We believe the course is priced according to its worth. However, if you are a ZHealth Online website member (which your hospital may be willing to fund), you receive a 10% discount on all products, including the seminar. Another possible option is to sign up for our webinars or video seminar, which does not require travel.

I may not know as much as some individuals in the class. Will I be called on in class?

No, you will not be called on; answering questions is voluntary. However, you should not hesitate to ask questions when you are unclear about a subject. It is a very casual format and questions from attendees are encouraged.

I am not a coder. Is this seminar only for coders?
The seminar is for all individuals who are involved in charging, coding, and auditing these specialty procedures including billers, physicians, nurses, technologists, consultants, and other healthcare professionals. The emphasis is on CPT coding, so a basic understanding of how charges translate to codes is helpful. You may also want to take the "Introduction to Vascular Coding" session to better prepare you for the Diagnostic and Interventional Vascular Coding seminar.
Can I bring an encoder?
We currently discourage the use of any electronic media during the sessions. They have proven to be a distraction and interfere with the pace of the program.
Can I download the seminar handouts or get them in electronic media?

No, they are only available in hardcopy and are handed out at the conference. The answers to the cases given at the conference are available after the conference in your dashboard.

I work for a cardiologist's office. Will the cardiology session provide all the information I need?
The cardiology session is specific to cardiology and as such, does not include peripheral angiography and interventional coding. If your physician performs peripheral studies, as most cardiologists do, we recommend that you attend the "Diagnostic and Interventional Vascular Coding" session as well.
I attended the seminar last quarter. Is there anything new this quarter?
The seminar information is updated every quarter with the new guidelines and information that have been published since the previous seminar. Our repeat customers tell us they pick up something new every time.
There are two of us attending from our organization. Should we attend different sessions or attend the same sessions?

If you are both coding the same type of cases, you should attend the same sessions. However, if one of you is from IR and the other from cardiology, you may want to attend different sessions.

What resources should I bring?
A current CPT Code Book is the only required resource. Cases will be coded both in class and outside of class. Paper copies of key anatomical charts to select catheter placement codes are part of the class handouts.
Will diagnosis (ICD-10) coding be discussed?

Yes, ICD-10 coding is covered at each of our live seminars. The ICD-10 Coding Seminar provides a detailed introduction to ICD-10-CM coding basics, including hints and tips specific to each chapter. We also discuss the fundamental construction of ICD-10-PCS codes and cover documentation requirements for these highly specific new code sets. The coding examples focus on our specialty areas of cardiovascular, IR, EP, and peripheral procedures performed in the cath lab. For more information, please view our individual live seminar pages.


How do I access a webinar I've purchased? How long will I have access?

After purchase of a webinar, all you need to do is go to your MY ZHealth dashboard and click on Webinar Center. All purchased webinars with associated tests will be available.

The expiration dates for webinars vary. You can check your dashboard to see the number of days remaining for a specific course, and we have also listed the expiration date on the individual product webpage for each webinar. To receive your CEUs, you must complete and pass the post-test PRIOR TO the expiration date. However, all CEU certificates you have received can be accessed at any time by visiting the My CEU section of your dashboard.

How do I obtain my CEUs for a webinar I've completed?

Simply go to the Webinar Center and download and print your certificate if you've passed the test.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can view the webinar and receive CEUs?

Yes. Each webinar purchase is good for one person only; however, if you purchase multiple copies of a single webinar each additional copy after the first is only $49.

How many CEUs can I get for one of your webinars?

Please refer to each individual webinar page to verify available CEUs before purchase, as the CEUs vary by webinar. Webinars are approved for up to 2.0 CEUs for both AHIMA and the AAPC; however, please confirm available CEUs prior to purchase, as this is subject to change from year to year.

How do I purchase a ZHealth Publishing webinar?

You may purchase webinars online with a credit card (preferred method) or purchase order (must include valid PO # when ordering online, as well as submit a copy of the purchase order by email at:

Do I have to download any software to access the webinar recordings?

Our webinars are viewable/downloadable in MP4 format, which is standard and included on a number of software platforms.

eLearning Courses

If I don’t pass the test, will I still get the CEUs?

No, you must pass the test to receive CEUs.

Are there other ways to earn CEUs other than your online courses?

Absolutely. ZHealth Publishing also offers live seminars, webinars, and video seminars, which are all eligible for CEUs.

I took the test and passed, but my certificate failed to open. What should I do?

Please call ZHealth Publishing directly at 615-873-1111 (9:00a-4:30p Central Time Mon-Fri), and we will be glad to help.

I purchased a module but don’t have access to it or can’t find it on the website. What should I do?

Your purchased eLearnings are available in your Dashboard on the left under 'My eLearning Center' once logged in. You must redeem a purchased eLearning course into your account before you can view the material and take the post-test. To receive your CEUs, you must complete and pass the post-test PRIOR TO the expiration date, which can be found on your dashboard or by visiting the product webpage.

What do ZHealth Publishing eLearning coding courses cost?

The courses are priced based on the number of CEUs and range from $25.00 to $50.00. Since these courses are affordably priced, we do not offer volume discounts for multiple individuals, but ZHealth Online members receive a 10% discount.

How can I access a record of my ZHealth Publishing eLearning courses?

When you sign into your ZHealth Publishing account online, you can see purchased eLearning courses under "My Orders". You will only be able to view current eLearnings and certificates from My eLearning Center through the calendar year of purchaser purchase, then they expire and will no longer be available. (ie., you purchase an eLearning module in January your module will be available to you until December 31 of the same year. On the other hand, if you order the module December 1, your module will still only be available until December 31 of the same year.

When taking the test, can I refer back to the module to find the answer?

If you print out the module, you can refer back to it. However, it is recommended that you learn the material such that you don’t need to refer back.

Can I receive partial credit for an education module if I don’t pass?

No, you either pass or fail the entire module.

Can I be awarded CEUs for the same module more than once?

The credentialing organizations do not award CEUS for repeating the same module. However, if the module has been revised, the new version can be taken for CEUs.

Can I retake a test if I don’t pass the first time?

You may take a test up to three times. AAPC and AHIMA require 70% to pass, and ASRT requires 75% to pass.

How can I get a better idea of what your online courses are like and what they include?

Each online course includes a detailed Course Outline, Study Guide, Test, and Certificate (upon successful completion). You can check out each of the course descriptions before purchasing as well.

What is a passing grade for your eLearning courses?

The passing grade is based on the percent of questions in the test answered correctly. The credentialing organizations typically determine what is considered passing: AHIMA – 70%, AAPC – 70%, ASRT – 75%.

Will I receive notification that I’ve successfully completed my eLearning coding course?

Yes, when you have successfully completed the post-education test you will be awarded a certificate of completion online to print for your records. The CEUs are housed in your "My CEU Center" of the dashboard. You can access your CEUs anytime you need to print them.

Does ZHealth Publishing notify the credentialing body that I have been awarded CEUs?

ZHealth Publishing does not report CEUs awarded to any of the credentialing bodies. You will need to retain your certificate of completion and report the session completed with the number listed on the certificate to your credentialing organization as required.

What credentialing organizations can I earn CEUs for and how many CEUs do I receive per course?

You may receive CEUs from AHIMA, AAPC, and ASRT. Please see the eLearning Course Descriptions for the number of CEUs available per course.

How many questions are there per eLearning course, and how long will it take to complete a coding course online?
The number of test questions varies from course to course, depending on how many CEUs are available and depending on the rules of the particular CEU organizations. The CEUs awarded are based on the amount of time it is expected to complete the education module and take the test. One CEU is equivalent to one hour of time. Course time may vary, however, based on the level of expertise of the student.
What if I get interrupted while I’m taking the coding course online or need to continue it later? Can I restart the course if I need to?

You can exit the study guide and the test before completion and return to complete the activities that you have not yet completed. The test is not submitted and scored until you indicate you have completed it.

How long do I have to take the eLearning course(s) once I purchase it? Can I purchase one now and take it later?

The expiration dates for eLearning modules vary. You can check your dashboard to see the number of days remaining for a specific course, and we have also listed the expiration date on the individual product webpage for each eLearning course. To receive your CEUs, you must complete and pass the post-test PRIOR TO the expiration date. However, all CEU certificates you have received can be accessed at any time by visiting the My CEU section of your dashboard.

What CEUs are available for eLearning courses?

At this time, eLearning courses are only AAPC approved (and most are CIRCC certified). This is subject to change, so please check each individual eLearning course webpage for specific CEU information.

Do I need a ZHealth log-in to be able to access the eLearning coding courses?

Yes, but if you’re already a member of ZHealth Online or you’ve purchased from ZHealth Publishing before, then you already have an account with us. If you do not have one, you’ll be prompted to establish an account.

Online Memberships

Who should join ZHealth Online?

Any professionals involved in interventional radiology, cardiology, or endovascular/vascular surgery coding, including: hospital or physician coders, clinicians, medical billers, technologists, and consultants. Any professionals who want to stay current with the ever-changing coding developments, continue to learn more about ensuring compliance and appropriate reimbursement for their organizations, and want access to the country’s top interventional radiology and cardiology coding experts Dr. David Zielske and his ZHealth Publishing team. Lastly, ZHealth Online members get 10% off all ZHealth Publishing products.*

Typical titles of current ZHealth Online members include: Coding Coordinator, Coding Manager, Coding Supervisor, Coding Specialist, Director of Coding, Director of Reimbursement, Director of Revenue Management, Director of Revenue Enhancement, Manager of Cardiology Coding, Manager Cardiac Cath Lab, Lead Vascular Technologist, Radiology Manager, Reimbursement Analyst, Revenue Analyst, RN, MD, Radiology Technologist, Cardiac Cath Lab Technologist, Medical Director, Director CDM Compliance, Billing Manager, Billing Supervisor, Senior Medical Audit Analyst, Office Manager, Team Code Leader, Consultant, Physician, Senior Coder, Practice Administrator, Director of Health Information Management, Medical Information Coder, Compliance Coordinator.

* Except the CIRCC Study Guide

What do I receive for my ZHealth Online membership?

Besides access to our Ask Dr. Z Database with over 3000 coding questions and answers in addition to the ability to submit your own coding questions, there are a number of other ZHealth Online benefits. Members receive 10% off all coding products. Read more here.

What does a ZHealth Online membership cost?

You may purchase a monthly membership at $24.95/month, or a yearly membership at $250/year, saving approximately $50. We also offer Group and Enterprise membership accounts, where more individuals can join at a substantial discount. Read more about ZHealth Online pricing.

If we sign up for a group option, when do we designate the names and email addresses for those individuals?

You can include all of them when you initially sign up, or the designated “administrator” of your organization can add them at any time from their dashboard upon login.

I am not comfortable using my credit card online. Is there another method I can use to make my payment?

Call us at 615-873-1111 (9:00a-4:30p Central Time Mon-Fri), and someone will be glad to assist you with setting up your membership and taking your credit card information over the phone.

If I sign up for the monthly option, how will I be charged?

You can only choose the monthly option if you are an individual paying by credit card. ZHealth Publishing will charge your credit card the ZHealth Online monthly fee each month until you cancel your membership. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time but your membership will discontinue immediately. Annual members will be provided a renewal notification before their membership expires.

Do I need to have a particular browser to view all the ZHealth Online content when I become a member?
No. The site is browser independent. However, you may need Adobe Reader for some linked documents, such as those containing the Medicare edits.
Do you sell membership names to other organizations?
No. We never sell our membership information.
Will I need a new username and password if I convert to organizational membership from individual membership, or vice versa?

No; your username is always your email address, and your password remains the same.

Do you answer all questions submitted by ZHealth Online members?

Approximately 60% of questions are answered. (Although a recent internal review revealed a response rate of closer to 75% over the last year.) Dr. Z reviews all questions submitted, but only responds to questions not previously answered that are the most relevant to interventional radiology, cardiology, and endovascular coding (we recommend searching the database of previously answered questions prior to submitting a new question). Please read the Ask Dr. Z Disclaimer.


What is the advantage to earning the CIRCC Credential?

Interventional radiology has developed into its own specialty as its complexity and difficulty became clearer. Coding schools spend very little, if any, time discussing catheter placement coding and the component coding system, and they often do not focus on how to code the radiological S&I codes. Technologists and nurses who enter charges may not be trained in CPT coding. When you put the two components together the final results are destined to be error-prone. Due to its complexity and the lack of any comprehensive training, individuals with this credential are sought after by facilities to oversee their charging and coding process for interventional radiology and basic cardiology. Individuals with the CIRCC credential are valuable assets to an organization and compensated accordingly. Interventional radiology is one of the highest paying coding specialties.

I have been coding interventional radiology cases for several years. What, if anything, should I study to take the CIRCC exam?

Even if you have been coding for a significant amount of time, there may be areas to which you haven’t been exposed. For example, if you are in a hospital setting, aortic stent graft placement is an inpatient procedure and not CPT coded. If you aren’t familiar with the radiological S&I coding rules, you need to learn them for the exam. You are also expected to know basic cardiac cath lab coding and understand the basics of modifiers.

We strongly encourage you to review the CIRCC Study Guide and concentrate on those sections that you are less familiar with. If you want more thorough explanations, Dr. Zs Interventional Radiology Coding Reference is the best source of information. ZHealth Publishing's anatomical coding charts are a great help with catheter placement coding. To identify any areas where you may need further education, you can take an online practice exam on the AAPC website.

How difficult is it to maintain the CIRCC credential?

The AAPC mandates that to possess and maintain the CIRCC credential, one must obtain 24 CEUs specific to interventional radiology and cardiovascular coding every two years. There are a wide variety of educational offerings that provide the educational credits required to maintain the credential, including ZHealth Publishing’s medical coding products and seminars/webinars.

Where is the CIRCC exam offered?

The CIRCC exam is offered by the AAPC throughout the year at various locations around the country, including the Saturdays following each of the four quarterly ZHealth Publishing live coding seminars (at the same location).

What resources can I take with me when I take the CIRCC exam?

You can take CPT and HCPCS Level II code books and a set of anatomical charts. ZHealth Publishing recommends the ZHealth Publishing anatomical coding charts as the best resource for selecting the appropriate catheter placement codes.

Will a ZHealth Publishing quarterly seminar prepare me for the CIRCC exam?

ZHealth Publishing live coding seminars are certainly beneficial, and by attending just one of them, you can earn up to 27 AAPC CEUs, 24 of which are CIRCC Certified - enabling you to meet the CEU requirements to maintain the CIRCC credential all at once.

However, the AAPC also requires a letter attesting to your current competency with interventional radiology/cardiovascular coding from your employer or a physician to be eligible for the CIRCC credential. They also recommend that the applicant possess an associate’s degree. The CIRCC test is designed for seasoned medical coding professionals with many years of medical coding experience.

What do you recommend as study materials for the CIRCC exam?

We recommend Dr Zs Interventional Radiology Coding Reference as the best reference material on interventional radiology. It provides in-depth explanation of all IR procedures and includes anatomical drawings to help explain the procedures.

The CIRCC Study Guide is an important addition to Dr. Z’s Interventional Radiology Coding Reference to prepare for the CIRCC exam. We also recommend ZHealth Publishing’s anatomy charts as the best reference available for catheter placement code selection. Our anatomy charts can be taken into the exam with you.

What other CIRCC preparation materials or courses does ZHealth Publishing offer?

Please see our page on CIRCC Coders for more information about our CIRCC Study Guide and CIRCC Exam Prep Course.

Video Seminars

How long will I have access to the Video Seminar I purchased?

The expiration dates for Video Seminars vary. You can check your dashboard to see the number of days remaining for a specific course, and we have also listed the expiration date on the individual product webpage for each Video Seminar course. To receive your CEUs, you must complete and pass the post-test PRIOR TO the expiration date. However, all CEU certificates you have received can be accessed at any time by visiting the My CEU section of your dashboard.