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percutaneous transhepatic antegrade transvenous obliteration

Date: Mar 2, 2023


"A 4 French angled glide catheter in concert with a Glidewire was advanced into the main portal vein. The Glidewire was removed, and venography was performed, demonstrating a large left gastric varix and posterior gastric varix. The large left gastric varix was cannulated with the 4 French angled glide catheter and embolized to stasis using a combination of coils, Gelfoam, Sotradecol foam, and n-BCA glue. A 4 French Cobra glide catheter was used to cannulate the posterior gastric varix. A 2.8 Progreat and 0.016 Fathom microwire were used to further cannulate the posterior gastric varix. The posterior gastric varix was embolized. Cobra glide catheter was positioned within the splenic vein. The Cobra catheter was exchanged for a 5 French flush pigtail catheter. Venography was performed." 

I'm thinking 36481, 36011-XS, 36011-XS, 75887-XU, 37241, 75891-XU. Is this correct? 

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