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AV Fistula Ligation/Repair of Brachial Artery for immature AV Fistula

Date: Jan 24, 2023


Percutaneous access via outflow vein close to the antecubital fossa with fistulogram + central venogram.Angioplasty along entire length of the peripheral outflow vein, however, vein was still clearly somewhat diseased.Separate percutaneous access via outflow vein closer to the shoulder with fistulogram and angioplasty of the anastomosis. Repeat fistulogram showed extravasation. Balloon was reinflated, no change on repeat fistulogram which told me that the rupture was at the anastomosis directly. Longitudinal incision was made overlying the AV anastomosis w/blunt dissection of brachial artery. No backbleeding from the outflow vein. Brachial artery was fully mobilized w/creation of end-to-end anastomosis resulting in excellent pulse in the brachial artery. I then ligated the open end of the outflow vein using medium clips. There was a seroma at the basilic vein harvest site with was drained w/needle (100ml). Provider wants to bill 36902,35206,37607. Would this be a revision, 36832-22 (for conversion to open)? Your guidance is apprecicated. Thank you.

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