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35881 Lt fem tib revision w lt arm vein & angiography lt lower extremity

Date: Jan 24, 2023


35881 for revision w seg vein interposition (portion not shown). What code would be used for the angiography (prior noninvasive testing done)? Access was achieved by a longitudinal incision over the palpable graft pulse at the level of the knee. Sharp dissection was used to expose roughly 2 cm of the bypass graft, which at this level appeared to be of good caliber and quality and had a strong pulse. It was encircled with a vessel loop. The graft was then accessed antegrade with a 21-gauge butterfly and angiography confirmed patency of the distal graft with a focal area of critical stenosis in the graft several centimeters below the knee, but several centimeters proximal to the anastomosis. The area of diseased vein was roughly 4 to 5 cm, but the distal anastomosis appeared patent and the posterior tibial artery ran off uninterrupted into the foot. With the area of graft revision now marked after angiography. 75710-26-59?

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