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Duplex ultrasound with standard non-vascular ultrasound

Date: Dec 3, 2021


If the following is documented with a standard ultrasound, is it appropriate to add a duplex US? Does the information need to be stated in specific areas of the report? If only arterial inflow or venous outflow is documented, may a limited duplex be coded? 

Separate order/accession or comment to explain why duplex is being added.

Gray Scale (B-mode)

Color flow

Spectral Analysis (Acceleration rate, monophasic, biphasic waveforms, triphasic waveforms, peak systolic velocity (w/ measurements), resistive index (RI) (w/measurements), velocity (w/measurements), waveform analysis, pulsed doppler, spectral doppler)

Arterial inflow and/or venous outflow examination with findings

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