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75710 with 37221

Date: Apr 2, 2021


"Right common femoral artery was punctured. Catheter was placed at the level of the renal arteries and AP and lateral views of the aorta obtained. Catheter was then repositioned at the aortic bifurcation, and bilateral extremity runoff was performed. After review of the images, patient was noted to have 80% stenosis of the left iliac at the bifurcation. Patient has patent left femoral, popliteal, and two vessel tibial runoff. Wire and catheter were placed across bifurcation. Arteriogram was performed, demonstrating previously demonstrated 80% stenosis. A balloon-expandable stent was placed across the stenosis. Repeat arteriogram showed good result with wide patency." There are no other findings documented besides the left leg findings. Would this be 37221-LT, 75710-59-LT?

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