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Percutaneous Fem-Fem Bypass for femoral occlusions.

Date: Dec 2, 2019


Is code 35661 for open proc or can it be used for percutaneous bypass? "The interventional radiologist performs percutaneous accesses in RT internal jugular and LT SFV then performs small suprapubic incision and performs a needle access in each femoral vein through the incision. He places Ensnares through each percutaneous access (RT IJV/LT SFV) then performs through and through access from the lright internal jugular to the left femoral vein through the subcutaneous tissues in the suprapubic area. That area is dilated with balloons, the distance is measured with marking catheter. Long sheath placed the RT IJV through suprapubic soft tissues into the LT femoral vein. Through this sheath, percutaneous bypass was created using 8mmx15cm Viabahn stent. Two additional 8mmx10cm Viabahn stents were deployed to cover the complete segment between the two femoral veins with balloon dilitation. Successful percutaneous LT fem vein-RT fem vein bypass creation." Should this be an unlisted code (37799)?

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