2024 - Coding Basics for Vascular Coding

This three-part video seminar session focuses on basic catheter selection coding. It is intended for newcomers, but is also for intermediate coders. Catheter placement coding today is integral to IR, endovascular, and cardiovascular procedures. Important concepts including the concept of vascular families, the importance of variant anatomy, and selective vs. non-selective catheter placements are taught. There is also a discussion of S&I codes that must be performed selectively and S&I codes that include catheter placements.

Many examples are given to demonstrate the proper usage of catheter placement codes, and basic S&I angiographic codes are introduced. This session is delivered at a relatively slow pace. At the conclusion, the viewer will be comfortable with the concepts and rules to choose the correct catheter placement code(s).

(CEUs: AAPC - 4.5, AHIMA - 5.0, ASRT - 5.0)

Please note that due to the large video file sizes, it may take anywhere from 15 seconds to several minutes for the video to load. Please also try a different browser if experiencing difficulties.

Expiration Date: 12/31/2024

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