Interventional Radiology Coding Reference

Dr. Z's Interventional Radiology Coding Reference, written by physicians who are also coding experts in this specialty area, is a comprehensive manual that details the appropriate coding and charging of these highly complex procedures. This book addresses both vascular and non-vascular procedures.

The information is conveniently laid out by procedure type and anatomical site. This book details extensive instructions about the components included in each procedure, as defined by the coding rules for the appropriate CPT or HCPCS code. Coding rules for both physicians and hospitals are discussed, while pointing out differences in these rules (where applicable). Each section contains procedure examples to demonstrate the terminology that may be encountered in a report and how that is translated into selecting the correct procedure codes.

Dr. Z’s Interventional Radiology Coding Reference is the only source you need to appropriately code and bill interventional radiology procedures. Order yours today and stay informed about the complex world of interventional radiology procedures.

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  • Written by physicians who are both clinicians and coding experts in IR coding
  • Covers both vascular and non-vascular procedures
  • Includes extensive information about coding rules for CPT and HCPCS codes
  • Presents information by procedure type and anatomical site
  • Addresses coding rules for both physicians and hospitals, as well as the differences between these rules
  • Provides procedure examples to demonstrate the coding guidelines and nuances more clearly

When changes in coding rules or editorial errors occur in Dr. Z’s Medical Coding Series, we publish the necessary revisions on our website as errata. Please check this at least quarterly to ensure coding compliance.

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Previous Editions

Coding audits of old cases occur frequently, both internally and externally. Therefore, we make our coding references from past years available for purchase so that the appropriate year's coding rules may be applied accordingly. It is essential to utilize information that applies to the date a procedure is performed. For example, when auditing a case from last year, you need to use last year’s reference. Please note the importance of current references, as every year there are changes in codes as well as the rules surrounding their use.
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