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Date: Apr 26, 2010


This is an outpatient acct where the patient was brought in for coronary angiogram. They found two lesions in the LC. One was intervened on with a DES. The second one was found to be only 60% occluded so the physician decided to treat that one medically. The procedure was concluded and the patient was brought to recovery. An hour later, the patient complained of chest pain. EKG revealed no acute changes (patient did become bradycardic and hypotensive) and the physician decided to repeat the coronary angiography where it was found that the lesion not intervened on turned out to be really 80% occluded so a stent was placed in that portion of the LC. Because the patient's medical condition had changed, can a second stent be captured? We understand that the repeat angio can be charged; we're just not sure about the second stent. Thank you so much!

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