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Fluoro Guided Transvenous FB Retrieval

Date: Nov 4, 2009


I love your site! thanks for all your help. Could you help me code this case.
Fluoroscopically Guided Transvenous FB retrieval Using US guidance we acessed the rt common femoral vein. I advanced the guidewire to the level of the inf vena cava and then inserted a 6 fr sheath.
The sheath was flushed. I advanced the guidewire to the level of the SVC over a guidewire I inserted a 6 fr long sheath the guidewire was removed through the sheath and under fluoro I advanced a multiloop snare with maxium transverse diameter of 1.5 cm LOOP snare was positioned adjacent to the venous catheter fragment in the right atrium. Multiple attempts were made with the snare that were unsuccessful. I then exchanged for a separate multiloop snare with max transverse diameter of 3cm. Again attempts made were unsuccessful. the catheter fragment is felt to be lodged against the wall of the rt atrium. I then removed the long sheath and inserted a 5 french pigtail in the rt atrium. I then placed a Ampltz guidewire through the pigtail catheter to open the catheter loop. The loop was then gently placed across the waist of the catheter fragment. Counterclockwise traction was applied to the catheter and guidewire which allowed the catheter to entangle the waist of the catheter. Under Fluo I gently pulled the catheter away from the right atrium and into the vena cava. The catheter was then pulled lower to the level of the rt common iliac vein. I removed the catheter and guidewire and replaced the loop snare. The loop snare was then used to grasp the end of the catheter fragment. I then removed the intact catheter fragment, loop snare and sheath from the right common femoral vein.
The fractured catheter fragment measures 11 cm in length. During the procedure the patient had a prolonged episode of atrial tach which did not resolve the following repositioning of the cath Cardiology was asked to evaluate the patient. The patients heartrate did return to baseline and no cardioversion or addl cardiac intervention were required. Successful Fluoroscopically guided retrieval of Venous catheter fragment from the rt
atrium. Thanks for your help

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