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Complex Vascular Surgery

Date: Mar 22, 2023


I am really in need of help on this case. I was thinking of coding 35081 and 35646, but another coder said to just report 35102. Please let me know what you think is best in this case. 

"Patient has Ao aneurysm with Ao and iliac dx with rest pain of rt leg. There is atherosclerosis bil CFA. "We opened and controlled the bil CFA, then open abdomen and worked on the RT IIA as planned for anastomosis. Controlled the Lt CIA and then entered AO aneurysm infrarenal and bifurcation region. Repaired infrarenal aortic aneurysm with graft. This bifurcated graft was then anastomosis to the Lt CFA and Rt IIA. Due to Rt EXT iliac artery chronic occlusion a jump graft from the right limb of the Ao graft to the Rt CFA was completed with Dacron graft. " From the op report he states the bilateral CFA anasomosis where tunneled retroperitoneal. After completing we evaluated for signals in Bil CFA and they were excellent."

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