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Open Aorta-bifem bypass graft w/ indication of Aortoiliac claud 36246?

Date: Mar 3, 2023


"Left/right common femoral SFA and profunda were isolated and dissected. Retroperitoneal tunnels created LT/RT a 14 x 7 step graft limbs. Clamp on the aorta below renal arteries. Arteriotomy within the aorta and extended. Significant clot in the aorta removed. Graft was tailored to fit. LT common SFA and profunda are placed on vessel loop. Made arteriotomy within the common femoral and extended. The graft was tailored to fit. SFA and profunda placed under traction on the right. Significant atherosclerotic disease within the common arteriotomy extended to the proximal SFA. Endarterectomy common femoral and the proximal SFA. Plaque in the proximal SFA had eaten through wall of the vessel. Bovine pericardial patch was tailored to fit. Still some bleeding from the repair of the wall of the SFA common region. This was reinforced with a piece of felt. Aortobifemoral limb on the right was tailored to fit."

Would this be 36246 only? Or 34832 due to an open procedure? The indication does not specify AAA.

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