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Watchman with balloon septoplasty for left atrial transseptal access

Date: Mar 13, 2023


Our provider was implanting a Watchman device. During the procedure, before the Watchman was placed, the provider stated the following:

"Due to the thickness of the septum, the dilator would not advance into the left atrium. The VersaCross sheath was then placed across the septum, and the pigtail RF wire was exchanged for a 0.035 Amplatz wire,which was placed in the left superior pulmonary vein. Then, an Armada 6 x 40 mm balloon was placed across the interatrial septum, and two inflations were made up to nominal pressure. Once the venoplasty was completed, the Watchman access sheath was then placed into the left atrium."

Is there a code that we can bill in addition to the Watchman for balloon septoplasty for left atrial transseptal access?

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