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Profundaplasty with Patch Graft and Iliofemoral Thrombectomy

Date: Feb 10, 2023


Please advise re the correct CPT coding for the following case.

Embolectomy of the distal right external iliac artery with fresh thrombus removed from the RCFA and the profunda.

Femoral endarterectomy and patch profundaplasty using bovine pericardium to restore in-line flow to the profunda. Angiogram of entire right lower extremity performed via micropuncture through CFA patch graft, demonstrating patent distal RCF and profunda arteries, occluded right SFA, slow reconstitution of the popliteal with peroneal and posterior tibial arteries serving as run-off. No flow seen beyond the ankle. Injection of tPA down the PT under US guidance.

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