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PVI with Ablation during CABG

Date: Feb 3, 2023


DX: CAD With NSTEMI New Onset Atrial Fib

Procedures: CABG X3, PVI, Left Atrial Appendage Clip Application, Rigid Sternal Fixation

Here is a Portion of the OP note. Coded as 33256.

Is 33256 the correct code for the following excerpt during a CABG Procedure

Thank you

OP Note: Following Arrest, we performed Pulmonary Vein Isolation. The heart as retracted to the right, the ligament of Marshal was incised and the left superior and inferior pulmonary veins were encircled. A medtronic cryoprobe was utilized to ablate the pulmonary veins for 2 minutes. Once the probe defrosted it was removed. The heart was then retracted to the left and the right superior and inferior pulmonary veins were encircled. The cryoprobe was again utilized to ablate pulmonary veins for 2 mins. Following this a 45mm atriclip was applied to the atrial appendage.

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