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VATs/Aborted Chest Wall Resection

Date: Jan 24, 2023


Approximately the sixth interspace anterior to the anterior axillary line the trocar sites was injected with local anesthetic. A port was placed intercostal space under direct visualization. Nerve blocks performed from that level through the 11th level. Tumor was then identified. Using the local needle the superior inferior lateral margins were identified. The medial margin appeared to be beyond the costal margin. Incision was then made over the mass. Skin flaps were then created superiorly inferiorly medially and laterally. We then entered the chest 1 interspace above the mass. The finger then sweep medially to identify the medial margin it was then noted that there were deposits on the diaphragm that were not previously visible. These were removed and sent to pathology for frozen section as above after an additional 5 mm incision was made laterally. The cryoprobe was then used to treat the intercostal nerve bundles from level 8 through 11. Once frozen section returned intra-op consult completed and decision to abort. How would this be coded?

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