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71275 3D supervision requirement

Date: Jan 13, 2023


Good morning. We are coding for a professional client and came across a CTA report that clearly states the 3D reconstruction was NOT supervised by the radiologist. Can you please clarify whether supervision of the 3D reconstruction is a required element of CPT 71275? Sample section of the report below. Thank you so much!

Report Sample:

Imaging Protocol: Computed tomographic angiography of the chest with contrast.

3D rendering (not supervised by radiologist): MIP and/or 3D reconstructed images were created by the technologist.

Radiation Optimization: All CT scans at this facility use at least one of these dose optimization techniques: automated exposure control; mA and/or kV adjustment per patient size (includes targeted exams where dose is matched to clinical indication); or iterative reconstruction.

Contrast material: Isovue 370

Contrast volume: 100 ml

Contrast route: Intravenous

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