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TAVR complication requires patch repair of RCFA by CV Surgeon

Date: Jan 24, 2023


Question ID:17880 from 10/17/22 addresses TAVR complication repaired by PV surgeon. We have similar issue but repair was done by the CV surgeon present for the case. "A linear incision was made above the insertion point of the DrySeal sheath. The artery was quite deep. Bridging veins were clipped and divided. The tissues were quite woody and indurated, but ultimately circumferential control was obtained around the right common femoral artery proximally and distally. The sheath was removed, the old proglide sutures were removed. Potts scissors were used to debride torn intima/adventitia. The residual hole was inspected, and appeared to me to be large to repair primarily. A 0.8cm x 8 cm patch was obtained, and a 1 cm circular patch of bovine pericardium was fashioned. This was sewn to the artery using a running 5-0 prolene suture. The vessels were back bled to get out any debris from under the patch, and the patch was tied down.

33361 + repair (which cpt do you suggest?) or 33362 because it was the same surgeon to do TAVR and repair?

Many thanks!

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