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Brush biopsy of distal left ureteral anastomosis

Date: Jan 9, 2023


"Left genitourinary catheter conversion. Local anesthesia was administered. The existing PCN was severed and a KMP loaded with Glidewire was advanced into the small bowel across the stricture. The KMP and wire were placed with a superstiff Amplatz and the 8 French sheath was advanced into the distal ureter. A fusion cytology brush was coaxially introduced through the sheath to obtain the specimen which was sent in a sterile cup. The brush and the sheath were then exchanged for PCNU tube. Contrast injection was performed. Genitourinary catheter placed: Boston scientific 10 French by 24 cm. Findings: Ureteral stricture at the distal anastomosis. External catheter securement: Non-absorbable suture."

I'm aware I'll be using 50434 for the conversion of the tubes, but are we still using unlisted code 53899 for the brush biopsy of the ureteral? 

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