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Extracorporeal circulation and CABG

Date: Jan 9, 2023


Pt is 56 yo with 3V CAD recent NSTEMI & severe ischemic cardiomyopathy. I am having trouble coding the Extracorporeal circulation code. The report states midline sternotomy was performed the LIMA was harvested from L sternal border endoscopic fashion (33533 & 33508) . Pt placed on extracorporeal circulation with aortic annula, 2 venous cannula and ascending aortic root vent. (33954 or 33956) Pt was placed on cardiopulmonary bypass, at the end of the procedure the patient was weaned off cardiopulmonary bypass. Everything I find on ECMO says it is performed after the CABG to give the heart and lung a rest to assist in healing or is ECMO also used during the CABG? Thank you for your assistance and time.

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