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Left Bundle-Branch Pacing Question 18029 Clarification

Date: Jan 20, 2023


Recommendation to my question 18029 was to code 33264, for:

A biventricular device was attached to the existing leads. The left ventricular port was capped. The pocket was flushed and the device was then placed into the pocket. It was closed in a three-layer technique and the dermal layer was sealed with dermal adhesive.however:

Question ID 17177

A biventricular ICD replacement was performed with existing RV, RA, LV leads. The existing LVL was capped, and there were no appropriate branches for LV pacing, so a left bundle lead was placed. Is 33264 the appropriate code for this procedure?


Since a new lead and new generator were placed, report codes 33241 and 33249. -Dr. Dunn

Will you please advise on why there were different recommendations for these two scenarios?

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