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Date: Dec 29, 2022


Hi All,

Need to know if can charge 33992 on this case w/ Impella insertion.

*** the right groin was accessed using the modified seldinger technique. A 7fr french sheath was placed in the femoral artery. We then used a 4fr RIM catheter to go up and over and performed a femoral angiogram on the left iliac and femoral artery. Under fluroscopic guidance we obtained access on the left femoral artery and using the modifier seldinger technique placed a 6 fr sheath. and 14 fr sheath. ..... we then successfully delivered an impella cp in appropriate position with the outlet above the aortic valve and appropriate lv-ao waveforms confirmed on the implella console. we used a 7fr ebu 3.5 guide catheter ... engaged the left coronary artery and perfomed coronary angiogram in mulple views... instered to stent in LC and distal lm.

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