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Graft - portion resected - reanastomosed, without patch or thrombus

Date: Oct 1, 2021


"Same day return to OR after ax-bi-fem bypass. We reopened the left groin incision first and noted there was no obvious pulse in the graft. We then opened the right groin incision and noted that there was a great deal of redundancy to the graft here. When we opened the incision we were actually able to see that there was a pulse within the graft at this point, and now there was a pulse in the left groin as well. We became concerned that this was possibly a technical issue with the right groin with the redundancy of the graft. We then accessed the left limb and obtained an angiogram, which showed no technical issue within the graft. We then also imaged the inflow, which appeared to be without any issue and brisk flow through the graft, which was patent in its entirety without any evidence of any thrombus. We then turned our attention to revising the right groin redundancy. The graft was transected and spatulated. A portion of it was resected and was re-anastomosed, removing some of the redundancy from the graft."

What's appropriate to code here? 35879, 35883, or 35860?

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