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Repair of fem-tib bypass aneurysm

Date: Sep 8, 2021



1. Repair of left femoral to tibial bypass aneurysm with Gore-Tex interposition using hybrid graft.

2. Intraoperative arteriogram.

3. Balloon angioplasty to left femoral-tibial bypass.

INDICATIONS: The patient has a 7 cm aneurysmal dilatation to a left femoral to posterior tibial bypass that was felt to be in need of repair.

FINDINGS: The area of the aneurysm had significant inflammation that did not allow for good end point dissection. Because of this, the aneurysm was punctured for wire and balloon control and then an interposition graft was placed using hybrid grafts on the proximal and distal ends for control."

I'm confused with this one. I was thinking 35884, but they also placed a graft on the distal end of the bypass as well as the proximal end. Would we then code this with LE repair codes?

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