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Stage 2 BASILIC VEIN TRANSPOSITION 36832 58 or 36819 58?

Date: Sep 8, 2021


Stage 2: The coder believes this is 36832-58, and the doctor thinks it is 36819-58. Who is correct and why?

"A second oblique incision was made distally, near the area of previous arteriovenous fistula. This was taken down to the level of the basilic vein using electrocautery. The brachial artery was also identified. Branch points were identified and ligated using clips and 4-0 silk ties. Two additional incisions were made proximal to the first incision in sequential fashion. These incisions were taken down to the level of the basilic vein and a branch points were ligated using 4-0 silk ties. A curved tunneling device was then used to tunnel and transpose the freely mobile basilic vein through the subcutaneous tissue laterally, bringing it near the surface of the skin. incision at the distal end of the basilic vein. The brachial artery was then identified and vessel loops were applied proximally and distally. A #11 blade was used to make a small incision in the brachial artery. The arteriovenous end to side anastomosis was then created."

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