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Date: Sep 8, 2021


When a stent is placed into the aorta for stenosis, is the aorta then considered "selective"? From the Dr. Z IR guide: "Code separately for selective catheter placement when using codes 37236-37239. Iliac stent grafts, EVAR, and FEVAR procedures bundle certain catheter placements." Example given in IR guide: "Patient with known abdominal aortic stenosis presents for stent placement. A catheter is advanced from the right femoral artery to the aorta (36200), and aortography confirms the stenosis (no code). Pre-dilation with an 8 mm balloon (no code) is performed followed by placement of a 14 mm stent (37236). The stent is post-dilated to 16 mm (no code). Follow-up angiography shows excellent results (no code)."

The 36200 is added because the aorta is considered "selective" in this case?

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