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ligation radiofrequency ablation and excision of portion of GSV aneurysm

Date: Jul 9, 2021


"MD identified aneurysmal segment of greater saphenous vein. He dissected proximally and distally, then using silk ties he ligated the proximal saphenous vein near the junction. He ligated the greater saphenous on the causal side of the aneurysmal vein segment. He advanced radiofrequency ablation catheter to the proximal thigh until the tip hit the end of the ligated vein at the distal end of the incision by direct palpation, then infiltrated tumescent solution around the vein from the catheter tip to the sheath insertion site. He performed radiofrequency ablation on the vein. Each segment was doubly ablated."

We are coming up with 37700 for ligation and 36475 for radiofrequency ablation. Is the aneurysm resection included with the ligation?

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