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Is this reported 37765 even with the use of the Trivex system?

Date: Jul 7, 2021


Is this reported with 37765, even with the use of the Trivex system?

"I had her stand up, and the areas of the varicosities in her left anterior/medial thigh and anterior/medial calf were marked. After adequate induction of anesthesia, she was prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion in prone position. Time out was performed.

Using 11 blade, stab incisions through the skin were made. Tumescent was injected with the transilluminated powered phlebectomy device and using the Trivex blade, phlebectomies of the left anterior/medial thigh and anterior/medial calf. She tolerated all this well. This required 11 stab incisions for completing the phlebectomy.

Using rolling technique, the tumescent solution was expressed out of the stab incisions. After that, Steri strips were applied followed by sterile wrap dressing with Kerlix, an ACE bandage, and coban."

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