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Arch aortogram with left arm angiogram via right common femoral approach

Date: Apr 5, 2021


"The patient was placed in the supine position. Both groins were sterilely prepped and draped. Then, 1% lidocaine local anesthesia was infiltrated in the right groin and the common femoral artery. A wire was advanced proximal using fluoroscopic guidance, and the micropuncture dilator and sheath were placed. A Bentson wire was advanced into the ascending aorta and exchanged for a French pigtail catheter. A left anterior oblique arch angiogram was performed. The pigtail catheter was exchanged for a Berenstein catheter, and this was used to advance a Bentson wire. The cath was advanced into the subclavian artery, and a left subclavian angiogram was performed. The cath was advanced into the axillary artery, and an axillary angio was performed. The cath was advanced into brachial artery over a wire, and a brachial angiogram was performed." I want to report codes 36221 and 75710, but I feel I am missing something. What are your thoughts?

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