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RT post/ant shoulder joint injection and RT subacromial bursa injection

Date: Apr 2, 2021


Will you please help with the coding for this scenario below? "The patient's posterolateral and anterolateral shoulder area was cleaned and prepped in a sterile fashion utilizing Chloraprep. I then proceeded to place a 25 gauge, 1 inch needle through the skin and advanced it into the subacromial bursa (posterior). I then proceeded to inject, after negative aspiration, a 3 mL solution containing 0.2% Ropivacaine and PF Dexamethasone. I then proceeded to perform posterior and anterior intra-articular shoulder joint (glenohumeral joint) injection resulting in a right subacromial bursa injection and right posterior and anterior intra-articular shoulder joint injection with local and steroid."  Would this be coded as 20610-RT x 2 units, or just 20610-RT x 1 unit?"

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