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Ablation Non-inducible SVT

Date: Mar 15, 2021


"Despite aggressive burst atrial pacing and single as well as double atrial extrastimuli, SVT could not be induced. Because SVT was non-inducible with atrial pacing alone, the decision was made to initiate isoproterenol. At a maximum rate of 7 mcg/min of isoproterenol, the baseline heart rate increased to 150 bpm. Despite up-titration and subsequent washout of isoproterenol, SVT could not be induced with burst atrial pacing or single or double atrial extrastimuli. Echo beats were not present but AH jumps persisted. With evidence of an A-H jump and a short RP tachycardia noted on inpatient ECG from 7/2020, the decision was made to perform slow pathway modification. A non-irrigated tip catheter was used with an Agilis sheath to modify the slow pathway. Ablation at the level of the roof of the CS ostium, between the septal leaflet of the tricuspid valve and the CS (base of the triangle of Koch) resulted in prolonged, slow junctional beats suggestive of effective slow pathway modification."

Would it be appropriate to report codes 93653, 93621, and 93623?

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