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Is there a open CPT code for a resection of pleural-based schwannoma

Date: Feb 5, 2021


For the following documentation, would code 39220 be correct? "I began by making a standard left posterolateral thoracotomy skin incision over the eighth intercostal space. The subcutaneous tissue and latissimus muscle were divided with electrocautery, sparing the serratus anterior muscle. The eighth intercostal space was identified in the intercostal muscle over the top of the ninth rib and was incised anteriorly as far as possible and posteriorly to the spinal ligament. The intercostal nerve bundle was dissected off of the inferior aspect of the ninth rib, and then ligated with silk suture and clips. The ninth rib was divided posteriorly with shears, and a static pilling retractor was placed. The retractor was gradually opened throughout the case to provide adequate exposure and avoid inadvertent fracture to the ribs. The opening in the intercostal space was positioned directly over the intrathoracic portion of the schwannoma. On initial survey of the left pleural space, there was the expectant large pleural-based schwannoma adherent to the posterior chest wall, overlying the foramen at T9-T10."

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