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93623 Post Ablation

Date: Dec 12, 2019


I believe 93653, 93655, and 93609 are documented here, but I wonder about 93621 and 93623? Is the coronary sinus location for 93621 and key word 'induced' enough to support 93623? "We first mapped and ablated the left slow pathway, mapping the retrograde sequence during atypical AVNRT with retrograde left slow pathway. After ablating this pathway, the sequence in the coronary sinus showed only retrograde right slow pathway activation. The right slow pathway was then ablated. Junctional beats were seen both with left and right slow pathway ablation. After this, no sustained tachycardias were inducible with and without the use of isoproterenol. After waiting period of about 30 minutes, repeat testing was done, and no tachycardia was inducible. The patient was recovered from sedation. Catheters were removed. There were no recognized complications."

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