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Stent to RPA, angioplasty to RUL. Congenital case.

Date: Dec 20, 2018


For the following, should the angioplasty be charged separately? "RPA Stent: The RPA was entered using a 7 French wedge catheter for a placement of a 035 Amplatz SS wire. The sheath was advanced to the proximal RPA. The distal RPA measured 15 x 13 mm, while the area of stenosis measured 13 x 14 mm. Therefore, the decision was made to implant a 16 mm ev3 26 mm stent over a 16 x 3 BIB balloon. After verifying the stent position by performing a test angiogram through the sheath, the stent was deployed at 5 ATM. RUL Balloon Angioplasty: The RUL segment was being overlapped by the RPA stent. In order to preserve good flow to the RUL segment, the RUL was entered using a 014 Whisperwire over a 7 French wedge catheter. The wire was exchanged to a 018 V-18 wire for balloon angioplasty. An 8 x 2 Advance LP balloon was inflated across the RPA/RUL junction x 2 to 8 ATM. Post angioplasty angiogram showed widely patent and unobstructed perfusion to the RUL segment." 

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