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Stent placement RVOT - open chest

Date: Dec 19, 2018


"Patient's chest was prepped and draped, and the CV surgery team opened the chest and placed a 5 French sheath into the RV apex under direct visualization. At that time, we took over advancing a .014 wire through the sheath into the left pulmonary artery. Pulmonary arteriogram was performed. Sheath position was then adjusted by Dr. M. Ventriculogram was then performed. Measurements of infundibulum, pulmonary valve annulus, and main PA were obtained. A 4-15 Multi-Link Vision coronary stent system was advanced over the wire and into place across the infundibulum and proximal main PA under fluro guidance. Further angios were performed to check device placement. The stent balloon was then inflated to 16 atm. Angiogram showed stent position. The balloon was removed over the guidewire. Follow-up ventriculogram revealed satisfactory stent placement in the RVOT with no residual narrowing. At that time we turned care back over to the surgery team who removed the sheath and closed the chest." Would unlisted code 33999 best describe this procedure?

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