“We have been using ZHealth for a couple of years now for both training and review. We find their knowledge of Cardio and Vascular Surgery unmatched. When we need ZHealth to discuss issues directly with our doctors, they are able to do so at a level only an experienced physician could. As a result, our physicians are much more accepting of their reviews and value their expertise. With ZHealth Consulting reviewing our catheter services prior to billing Medicare, we are comfortable knowing that there will be no compliance issues or unbundling denials.”

Donny Flores, CPC, CPCO, Director of Business Services
Sansum Clinic

“Even if you think you are doing your best, you just don’t know until you have a different set of eyes looking at your process. This is what our institution quickly discovered when we consulted with ZHealth. Their expertise revealed deficiencies in our billing cycle process at all break down levels. My eye opener occurred when Sara pointed out that even though I felt we had coded and charged correctly at the department level, the final bill often reflected different codes and charges. Many hands were touching the bill through the cycle and there was no communication between any levels. With ZHealth’s help, I think we have a much better process in place and can say with confidence that we operate at a “best practice” level.”

Cathy Bringedahl Executive Director, Cardiovascular Services
Memorial Health System

"I have worked with [ZHealth] for over four years at two separate facilities. I have had the opportunity to use their Interventional Radiology and Cardiology coding and compliance services to ensure our overall compliance success in this very difficult and complex coding area and to ensure that our reimbursement is both appropriate and accurate under APC guidelines. I have used many consultants throughout my years in healthcare and have found the individuals at [ZHealth] to be very professional, friendly, and helpful. If you are considering using [their] medical coding services, I would highly recommend them."

Richard Reid, Chief Financial Officer
St. Mary's of Michigan Medical Center
Saginaw, MI

“I came to the class with no prior knowledge of ICD-10 coding, and I now feel I have the basics. There was great flow between the instruction and the class – good back and forth discussion.”

Laura Kaufman, Consultant

“[ZHealth] has provided Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology medical coding services to United Regional Healthcare System since 2004. They are a pleasure to work with and we have found Dr. Zielske and his team to be experts in the field of interventional cardiology and radiology coding. We have utilized the pilot assessment reviews to ensure the accuracy of our coding and compliance as it relates to our interventional cardiology and radiology cases. We have found the onsite presentation to be both educational and invaluable in helping our staff to understand this very complex coding area. I am very impressed with the ... team’s knowledge, diligence, and attention to detail.”

Tina Anderson, CCS, Service Leader
United Regional
Wichita Falls, TX

“Sara is very knowledgeable and explained things in a way that was easy to understand and use. Great speaker/teacher.”

Vickie Wood, The Surgical Clinic PLLC

“I have worked with the team ... since 2005 and have found them to be unfailingly professional, friendly, and helpful. Interventional radiology and complex cardiology coding has challenged us in many ways. Dr. David Zielske has visited us onsite in both a report-out role as well as for three days of education. He met with coders and physicians. His work complemented work already being done with physicians by in-house clinical documentation nurses. Coders have attended conferences lead by Dr. Zielske. We continue to talk with [ZHealth] about ways that we can ensure coding accuracy and compliance of our interventional radiology and cardiology records."

Janette Zercher, Projects Manager to Vice President Revenue Cycle
The Methodist Health System
Houston, TX

“The small group setting allowed me to ask questions and get my answers without any stress, as well as have enough time.”

Kharen LaTorre, NYP/WC

"It is with pleasure that I recommend [ZHealth] to assist you with your accounts receivable needs in the areas of cardiovascular and interventional radiology coding and compliance revenue, reimbursement, recovery solutions (R3). I am a Vice President in the area of finance and reimbursement for the Saint Luke’s Health System. We have eleven hospitals that cover every type of service and facility in the healthcare industry today. I have employed many consultants in my tenure and since coming in contact with [ZHealth], have used them exclusively in the area. Nowhere have I experienced the return on investment and quality of service that I have with [ZHealth] in their areas of expertise. In the area of cardiovascular and interventional radiology coding and compliance, they have no equal; it is as simple as that. The service that I have been most impressed with is their R3 program. They really take ownership of finding opportunity for your organization/facility. They not only find you opportunity but they share it with you as it is discovered and help you take advantage of the opportunity internally so you don’t have to pay them over and over again. Most firms that attempt to perform this solution do not go out of their way to point out their finding as it limits their earnings. Thanks to [ZHealth], we have made no less than 20 coding changes to our CDM related to high cost drugs and devices to secure additional reimbursement from our payors. They literally work themselves out of a job. In closing, I would like to say that you really could not go wrong hiring [ZHealth]. If they are not bringing added value to your organization they will be the first to let you know. "

Scott Pester, Vice President, Reimbursement
Saint Luke's Health System
Kansas City, MO