Ask Dr. Z Disclaimer

We appreciate your inquiry for coding advice. To explain why your questions may not always be answered:

Dr. Z answers or reviews the answer to each question we receive. Due to the high volume of questions, we screen them for applicability. Some of the reasons your question may not be answered include:

  • It has been asked and answered before. The Ask Dr. Z database has a wide range of previously addressed topics. Often an answer can be found by searching the database, so please search the database before asking a question.
  • The topic is beyond our expertise. We currently field questions regarding interventional radiology, diagnostic radiology, cardiology, and endovascular surgical procedures. Questions regarding other disciplines may, or may not, be answered depending on our knowledge of the coding rules for those procedures. At this time, we do not answer questions regarding ICD-10 coding.
  • The topic is a grey area. Some procedures have conflicting information coming from CMS, AMA, and the societies on how to code. We may choose not to give an opinion on these cases.
  • The topic is not applicable to the majority of the ZHealth Publishing website users.
  • The question is too basic. If a question could be easily answered by consulting one of the Dr. Z coding reference books, it will probably not be answered. Please check the reference manuals first to determine if the answer is there.
  • There is not enough information. While we do not want a report submitted, it is important that the key information needed to appropriately code the procedure is included. For example, it is important to note whether you are asking about physician or hospital coding when your question is about coronary interventions, it is important to note whether there was an existing tube in place when asking about a non-vascular injection, etc.

There is not a set turn-around time for answering questions. Typically, it is no more than a few weeks, but it can take longer if extensive research is required.