Live Seminar Course Descriptions

ICD-10 Coding Basics
(CEUs: AAPC - 7.0, AHIMA - 7.0)

This one-day session provides a detailed informaton with regard to ICD-10-CM coding for interventional radiology, cardiology and cardiovasular diagnoses. You will learn hints and tips specific to each subject. We also discuss the fundamental construction of ICD-10-PCS codes. Lastly, we cover documentation requirements for these highly specific new code sets.

Non-Vascular Interventional Radiology Coding
(CEUs: AAPC - 3.5, ASRT - 4.0, AHIMA - 4.0, RCC - 3.5)

This 1/2 day session reviews anatomy and focuses on coding guidelines for non-vascular interventions. This includes (but is not limited to) the following: biliary, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, spinal, and breast interventions along with biopsies, drainages, ablations, and fiducial markers.

Coding Basics for Vascular Coding
(CEUs: AAPC - 4.0, ASRT - 5.0, AHIMA - 5.0, RCC - 4.0)

This 1/2 day session focuses on basic catheter selection coding. It is intended for newcomers, but is also for intermediate coders. Catheter placement coding today is integral to IR, endovascular, and cardiovascular procedures. Important concepts are taught, including the concept of vascular families, the importance of variant anatomy, selective vs. non-selective catheter placements, and a discussion of S&I codes that must be performed selectively and S&I codes that include catheter placements. Many examples are given to facilitate learning of catheter placement codes, as well as an introduction to basic S&I angiographic codes. This session is given at a slow pace with much repetition and opportunity for questions. At the conclusion, the attendee will be comfortable with the concepts and rules to choose the correct catheter placement code(s).

Peripheral Vascular Diagnostic and Interventional Coding
(CEUs: AAPC - 14.0, ASRT - 15.0, AHIMA - 15.0, RCC - 13.0)

This two-day session covers a “best practice” scenario for coding and billing vascular procedures for physicians and hospitals, along with pitfalls that commonly reduce coding and billing accuracy rates. This is followed by a review of terminology, anatomy, and physiology pertinent to the vascular system. There is focus on catheter placements and diagnostic angiography of the arterial, venous, portal, and pulmonary systems. Interventional procedures in the vascular system that are reviewed include (but are not limited to) the following: central venous access, IVC filter placement, foreign body retrieval, venous sampling, angioplasty, atherectomy, stent placement, stent graft placement, infusion therapy, embolization, thrombectomy, dialysis intervention, TIPS, and neurointerventional procedures.

Coding for Cardiovascular Procedures
(CEUs: AAPC - 5.5, ASRT - 6.5, AHIMA - 6.0, RCC - none)

This one-day session is an in-depth discussion of diagnostic and therapeutic cardiology procedures, including the specific rules regarding the coding of angiography, coronary arterial and cardiac chamber interventions, diagnostic and therapeutic electrophysiology procedures, pacemaker and ICD procedures, and peripheral vascular procedures that are performed in the cardiac catheterization laboratory during or separate from a cardiac catheterization. Pediatric cardiac catheterization and interventions are also discussed.